The Hellenic IT Museum carries out tours at both educational and non educational organization.

So far, we have welcomed more than 200 public schools, educational institutions, and professional and other associations. The educational tour takes 1 hour and includes the historical retrospective of the evolution of information technology and the presentation of the exhibits. Maximum number of guests: 30. Contact us for scheduling your visit.


The educational tour has a duration of 1 hour and includes:
  • a historical retrospective in evolution of IT
  • demonstration of component (vacuum tube) which was used on the first computers(interactive)
  • presentation of personal computers (PC)
  • demonstration of use of the first microcomputers
  • “loading” a computer game in a computer system 30 years old (interactive)
  • presentation of PC compatible systems
  • presentation of videogame consoles and first games
  • presentation of first portable computers
  • presentation of first storage media (punched cards, magnetic tape, cassetes)
  • presentation of hard disks with huge dimensions
  • presentation of computer memory (ROM & RAM) of the 1960’s
  • a historical retrospective in evolution of the internet and demonstration of first modems