The unique of its kind in Southeastern Europe.

The Hellenic IT Museum®, one of its kind in the southeast of Europe, became active in 2008 and since 2012 it has been the first official institution in Greece which collects knowledge about computer science from 1970 up to the mid-1990s in a single space. With the catchphrase “The museum that clicks with you”, the Hellenic IT Museum is a “time machine for information technology” in Greece.

In our space, a visitor could admire a large and rare collection of objects to do with the history of computer science. Among our exhibits, a visitor could admire a replica of the first computer mouse which was made of wood, one of the first touchscreens created in 1984, a hard drive the size of a refrigerator, iconic computer models of history, as well as a “retro” corner with a radio, a rotary phone and a black-and-white television connected to an Atari. Over 6,500 hardware, software and other exhibits recount the history behind every technological achievement in computer technology.

Hygienic rules are observed: Face masks mandatory, keep on distancing, antiseptic usage.

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