Επεξεργαστής NEC V30 @8MHz, μνήμη RAM 512 KB, λειτουργικό σύστημα MS DOS 3.3, έτος 1988


O PPC512 και ο PPC640 ήταν οι πρώτοι φορητοί υπολογιστές από την Amstrad. Είναι η μετεξέλιξη των σταθερών υπολογιστών PC-1512 και PC-1640. Ως φορητοί υπολογιστές διέθεταν ότι στοιχεία ήταν απαραίτητα για την κατάλληλη απόδοση τους στη μεταφορά. Κατέχουν πληκτρολόγιο και μονόχρωμη οθόνη LCD, καθώς και χώρο για τις μπαταρίες λειτουργίας τους. Οι δύο εκδόσεις διέθεταν μία ή δύο υποδοχές floppy disk, ενώ ο PPC640 είχε και modem. Και των δύο το λογισμικό είναι ‘PPC Organiser’. Επιπλέον υπήρχε η δυνατότητα σύνδεσης των υπολογιστών με κάποια οθόνη στο σπίτι.

Οι διαφορές ανάμεσα στους  δύο υπολογιστές  είναι στη μνήμη  RAM , στο χρώμα και  το εσωτερικό  modem του PPC640.

The Amstrad PPC512 and Amstrad PPC640 were the first portable IBM PC compatible computers made by Amstrad. They were a development of the desktop PC-1512 and PC-1640 models. As portable computers, they contained all the elements necessary to perform computing on the move. They had a keyboard and a monochrome LCD display built in and also had space for disposable batteries to power the PC where a suitable alternative power source (i.e. mains or 12 volt vehicle power) was not available. The PCs came with either one or two double density double side floppy disk drives and the PPC640 model also featured a modem. Both models were supplied with ‘PPC Organiser’ software and the PPC640 was additionally supplied with the ‘Mirror II’ communications software. Both versions could run with 10 C size batteries (1 hour battery life), or with an external AC adaptor. If you were tired of the poor LCD screen, you could connect a monochrome or CGA monitor to the PPC at home.

The PPC512 had an NEC V30 processor running at 8MHz, 512 KB of memory, a full-size 102-key keyboard, a built-in liquid crystal display (not backlit) that could emulate the CGA or MDA and either one or two 720k 3.5″ floppy drives (the model was either the PPC512S or PPC512D depending on the number of drives it had). The PPC640 was otherwise identical except that it had 640 KB of memory, a built-in modem, and its case was a darker shade of grey.

The PPC included standard connectors for RS-232, Centronics and CGA/MDA video, allowing existing peripherals to be used. All the signals used by the 8-bit ISA bus were also available through an expansion connector.